Quality is built into the product by our conscious and planed action. 
Bitratex has adopted total quality management system at the corporate level itself, which enables us to deliver yarn conforming to the highest international quality standards.

Products of Bitratex are accredited to “ISO 9000 standards”, “Oeko-Tex standard 100”, and has earned distinction of “Usterized” certification.

Please download the certificates from the following links :

Files Title Size Action
ISO 9000 certification (pdf format)0.29 Mbdownload
ISO 9000 certification (jpeg format)0.69 Mbdownload
ISO 14000 Certification (pdf format)0.62 Mbdownload
ISO 14000 Certification (jpeg format)0.71 Mbdownload
Z100 JKYO 051040 (pdf format)0.19 Mbdownload
FR Z100 JKYO 085353 (pdf format)0.21 Mbdownload
Usterized Certification 2013 (pdf format)0.24 Mbdownload
Usterized Certification 2013 (jpeg format)0.8 Mbdownload
Usterized Certification 2014 (pdf format)0.32 Mbdownload
Usterized Certification 2014 (png format)0.12 Mbdownload
Usterized Certification 2018 (pdf format)0.17 Mbdownload
Usterized Certification 2016 (pdf format)0.88 Mbdownload
Usterized Certification 2016 (jpeg format)0.66 Mbdownload
Z100 JKYO 051041 (pdf format)0.2 Mbdownload
Contact & Location
Corporate office:

Menara Kadin Indonesia 12th Floor
Jalan H.R. Rasuna Said Blok X-5, Kav. 2&3
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
Phone +62 (21) 57903640
Fax +62 (21) 57903641,


Jalan Brigjend. S. Sudiarto Km. 11
Semarang 50193, Indonesia
Phone +62 (24) 6713585
Fax +62 (24) 6713589

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