Our endeavors to join the ranks of the globally known top quality spun yarn manufacturers have enabled us to grow systematically, keep improving our product quality and keep adding the latest spinning systems which in turn has gradually increased the production capacity to its current volume.

Today, Bitratex utilizes state of the art machineries from the renowned spinning machinery manufacturers from Europe and Japan. We have machinery from the conventional ring spinning technology to the most modern high precision spinning technology namely, the Vortex spinning system. 

The company has system for scheduled preventive maintenance and regular replacements and modernization, to keep the production plant in the best running condition for producing top quality yarns.

Incorporating the three most popular spinning technologies – Ring spinning, Open-End spinning and Vortex spinning, Bitratex produces a wide variety of yarns suitable for weaving and knitting into a variety of fabrics for apparel, furnishing, automotive and industrial applications.

Bitratex carefully selects its raw material. Since quality being of utmost importance to us, we use the finest quality man made fibers from the selected suppliers renowned for quality and raw cotton from the world’s preferred growing areas known for contamination free cotton and premium grade.

All the raw materials are tested in our testing laboratory before taking it into production. The testing continues at every stage of the production process till the final product stage namely the yarn.


Product Specifications

Bitratex produces Raw White Spun Yarns using Ring spinning, Open End spinning and the latest Vortex spinning technologies.

The yarns are available in wide count range for Weaving as well as Knitting applications.

We also supply spliced double yarn without knots (TFO Twisted) in order to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Waxed and Non-wax varieties are available for the entire product and count range.

The Product Range

Product Count-Range
100% Polyester Semi Dull Ne 12-40 (Nm 17-68)
100% Flame Retardant Polyester Semi Dull Ne 10-30 (Nm 17-50)
100% Flame Retardant Polyester Bright Ne 10-30 (Nm 17-50)
100% Viscose Bright Ne 16-30 (Nm 27-50)
67% Polyester Semi-dull / 33% Viscose Bright Ne 10-40 (Nm 17-68)
52% Modal / 48% Combed Cotton Ne 20-40 (Nm 34-68)
65% Polyester Semi-dull / 35% Combed Cotton Ne 16-40 (Nm 27-68)
52% Polyester Semi Dull / 48% Combed Cotton Ne 16-40 (Nm 27-68)
100% Cotton Ne 10-20 (Nm 17-34)
100% Viscose Bright Ne 30-40 (Nm 50-68)
100% Viscose MVS Ne 30-40 (Nm 50-68)


Packaging Type

Packaged on paper cones having conicity of 5°57’ / 4°20’ (for single yarn), 3°30’ (for double yarn) and is packed in Carton or Shrink Wrapped Pallets depending on customers’ preference. Colored cone tips, labels and colored strapping on carton and pallets facilitate material identifications.

Yarn wound on perforated cylindrical dye tubes is also available

All wooden pallets are treated and certified as per ISPM-15 standards.

Packaging Weight

We have standardized package weight for each type of product. However, different cone weights are always available on request.

Contact & Location
Corporate office:

The Energy Building 20th Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53 Lot 11A – SCBD, Jakarta 12190 – Indonesia
Phone : (62 – 21) 2995 1619/20
Fax : (62 – 21) 2995 1621


Jalan Brigjend. S. Sudiarto Km. 11
Semarang 50193, Indonesia
Phone +62 (24) 6713585
Fax +62 (24) 6713589

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